Saturday, May 9, 2009

After Relays Oatmeal Vending Machine Muff-ies

After Relays, you need a cookie. But not just any cookie, something dramatically delicious. Enter: Oatmeal Vending Machine Muff-ies. They originated from an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe I got out of my food processor cookbook, and were changed to "muff-ies" by baking in muffin tins and termed "vending machine" because I had no chocolate chips, and instead chopped up Hershey's with Almonds bars, Nestle Crunch bars and Twix. Who knew how great that would be?! Yum. Excellent (and necessary) end to the weekend.

And apparently I forgot to add all the amazing things I made for my chocolate birthday party at school - which is very surpising here they are: brownies with Hershey Bliss inside, cookie dough stackers, spiked milkshakes and more... enjoy!