Monday, August 31, 2009

August Odds & Ends

I think I has a chocolate overload this month. I managed to mess around with multiple recipes and develop some delicious treats (and find myself hoping for sweatpants season).

Among the desserts I dabbled with were: frozen hot chocolate, heart shaped cakes for dad, a trio of dipping bowls with fruit & pretzels, caramel and rocky road ice cream cakes for camp (Marissa's last day), dirt cake for Michael, a mini yogurt snack for dad, rice krispie treats for the last day of camp, and I finished the month with some super-moist banana bread... whoa, I think that's everything!

I've been slacking - 8/1 - Softball cookies

I just realized I haven't updated my blog in an entire month - whoops, there goes August! I have been a little busy with a different blogging project, but that's complete, so I'm back! We're gonna have to so a month in review here, August 1st - Abraham Softball game.

I was so proud of my organized baking process here -picturesque!

I wanted to have a lot of cookies for the party after the game and they were a success even if they got a little stuck together. We had no leftovers.

The initial cookies were oatmeal chocolate chippers coated with vanilla frosting and a "A" for Abraham. They stuck to each other but were still enjoyed by all.

Except one little blond girl who doesn't like frosting. She was more interested in the milk, white & dark chocolate chip mini's, double-fisting at it's best.