Saturday, June 13, 2009

a little bday treat and sunflower practicing

Marissa's Bday called for my signature pb freezies - peanut butter cups, melted white chocolate and pretzel thins. Melted, Frozen, and Chunked - she loved 'em!
The day finished up with sunflower cupcake practice for Bridge's upcoming shower, glad I practiced since I invented the cupcake batter (success!) and needed the practice with the decos, decided on sprinkles with yellow fondant petals glistened with shimmer dust. The real ones will be up in 2 weeks!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Princess Cake - Madeline turns 2!

"Hi 'Chelle. Where's my princess cake?" -Madeline

My niece turned two on Saturday and she had a princess themed birthday with my special princess cake - pink and yellow layers filled with chocolate pudding and crumbled cookies, covered in a peachy pink buttercream frosting! Yum!

Drake Cake & Grad Hats

Graduation Party!!!! This called for my favorite, graham cracker cake! Of course we had so many people I got to make a ginormous cake and filled half with strawberries and cream and half fudge ganache and cream. Covered in a light chocolate buttercream! Also blue sugar cookies and peanut butter cup/graham cracker graduation hats! Woo, I'm a graduate!

Mother's Day Cake Balls & Chocolote Covered Strawberries!

Mother's Day was full of chocolate covering. I was able to use the giant block of chocolate Tommy & Jaime gave me for my birthday to cover strawberries and my new favorite: cake balls! I got the cake balls recipe from an online blog and loved the idea. They were red velvet (my mom's favorite), but next time I plan on trying out a few other fun flavors.