Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Who killed my sister??? Was it you?"

My mom's birthday always leads to a Wizard of Oz/Wicked theme because that's pretty much her favorite thing in America... but it also generally calls for her favorite red velvet cake. I planned this cake about a month ago in class and drew and colored my plans last week in Honors. Too bad I always miscalculate (or forget to calculate) my plans - this cake was pretty much completely disproportionate, but that's fine because the Wizard of Oz is kind of trippy anyways. So here is her Wicked Witch of the East cake, with her striped socks and Ruby Slippers after the house falls on her... of course placed upon the yellow brick road. The yellow buttercream is covering 2 layers: red velvet on the bottom and brownie on top, the legs are red velvet cupcakes stuck together with giant toothpicks, frosted in vanilla buttercream with black licorice stripes, and connected to giant rice krispie treat sprinkled and . ganache covered Ruby Slippers (shaped by my dad). And of course the witch was killed by Dorothy's house, another big slab of rice krispy treats covered in ganache an
d toothpicked... there were a LOT of toothpicks in this one... and we almost got them all out before Tommy took a bite... almost... at least everyone loved it - including Madeline :)

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