Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celebrating my Birthday at home (also on Easter)

Happy Birthday to me! We celebrated my 22nd birthday on Easter Sunday with a Michelle-sized cookie concoction. In spite of the fact that we'd just returned from an elaborate (but waffle-lacking...) Easter buffet... an hour or so later we were ready to stuff ourselves again.

Since I'd been chocolate free for the ENTIRE 47 days of Lent, chocolate was obviously going to play a staring role in my birthday dessert - which was my favorite Paula Deen chocolate chip cookie recipe (of course, changed up a little, Michelle-style) smashed into an 8 and a 6 inch cake pan, filled with Oreo pudding and Easter M&M's, and topped with more pudding and 4 perfectly spherical cookie dough ice cream scoops... the whole tower smothered in hot fudge sauce, and ignited with giant sparkling and sparkly candles.
You can't tell me your mouth isn't watering as you look at that inside picture!
(plus the natural lighting on these pictures is amazing!)

Yum, YuM, YUM!


  1. And a great picture of you and the cake by The Dad