Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few little desserts and one delicious birthday beer mug!

Been a little busy lately and I actually didn't get a picture of the krispie treats I made for the 4th of July :( but I remembered to snap one of the last mini peanut butter cookie I made for the campers to enjoy with their hot chocolate on "winter in july" day @ camp.

Also made a batch of yummy brownies for Vanessa's Birthday, followed but the intricate Beer Mug Cake for Dad. He always gets the best birthday cakes, I think I get really inventive in the middle of the summer. His 6 layer cake consisted of a brownie layer, chocolate pudding w/chocolate chips, a double vanilla cake layer, more pudding, a 1/2 cake 1/2 cookie layer, pudding, double vanilla layer, pudding, double vanilla, layer one last pudding section and one more double vanilla cake. Frosted in both milk chocolate and vanilla (yellow) frosting and featuring a dunkin donuts donut as a handle. (I frosted it in the chocolate frosting. Aside from being the perfect cake for him, it was always really delicious, which made me happy since I baked these cakes on Monday, froze them and then frosted it all Thursday and refrigerated until Saturday. Success!

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