Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marilee Desserts

For the past four years, my sister's birthday has fallen on my Fall Break from school, so I always make it home to celebrate, but sometimes this means she gets a quick cake that is not up to par for my usual desserts. This year, I wanted to make sure she got something she'd enjoy, so I make her a caramel cheesecake and pumpkin dip, followed by pumpkin bread muffins later in the week. Even though I don't like cheesecake or pumpkin, I tried everything and was surprised that I actually enjoyed the few bites I had. I'm either dealing with changing taste buds, or extreme hunger these days.

The cheesecake was based on a recipe from Kraftfoods, and I used an Oreo crust, of course.

I found the pumpkin dip recipe at and the pumpkin bread was another Kraft success - with a few changes of course.

I learned that canned pumpkin doesn't last too long after opened (hence the quick need for muffins) and that with enough sugar, I can enjoy a sliver of cheesecake - only with the Oreo crust and Heath bars on top!

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