Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mid-November Single Serve Desserts

Lots of little things to bake this month...

Last weekend was my mom 's quilting retreat and she wanted an easy, packable, low fat dessert and found a pretty easy and pretty delicious recipe for cherry brownie muffins. They started from a fat free brownie mix, and included cherry pie filling and a bit of FiberOne cereal for an added crunch. It might not sound too great, but take my word for it - the batter was just as good as any.

Next I had a little "job" for Melissa from high school. She is throwing her boyfriend a surprise party today and needed some musical desserts: music note sugar cookies, Oreo "drums" and some marshmallow ganache cupcakes, which I couldn't decorate musically because nothing would stick to the frosting, but they'll be delicious and they look cool in the foil cupcake liners - so I hope they work out! Theme decorating was fun and I have fallen in love with sprinkles due to the music notes. I am extremely looking forward to sugar cookie day for Christmas this year.

Covering the Oreos in ganache was actually easier than I thought, but next I think I'll make sure to be chewing gum... I definitely consumed too much leftover ganache that day, but I hope the party guests think they look like drums and not like some kind of insect.

Brownie cupcakes always turn out delicious, but this time I thought it would be fun to try layering some flavors. So these brownies are topped with a layer of (super sticky) marshmallow glaze and then covered in semi-sweet ganache ---> almost a too sticky emergency, but Alton Brown's ganache saved the day... again.

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